ApolloPad Features

Organise Your Projects

Project Outlining

Piece together your story with our project outline system. Using the corkboard-approach that works so well for so many people, you can add new documents, edit synopses, drag and drop to rearrange your work and more.

Project Timelines

Create events on a timeline and link documents to them in order. Colour-coding and icons help you group events to ensure you can find your way around your timeline.

Document Metadata

Documents can have different states to indicate whether they are drafts or complete work. You can exclude documents from project downloads and output, so they don't appear in your PDFs or ePubs.

Inline Notes & To-Do List

Notes In Context

Make notes, add to-do items, reference images, and even videos, all right in the text, with our contextual notes. You can highlight any piece of text and add a note to it, and it will display alongside, without getting in the way.

To-Do Lists

Notes come in several different types, but our favourite are the "to do" notes. These are items you want to come back to later. Not just notes for reference, but actions you want to take to improve or progress your story.

Easy Access

All of your To-Do items are gathered together in one place, so you can quickly find them again and see how much you have remaining to do on your project.

Stay On Target!

Handy Dashboard

Easy visibility of your word count progress and targets, as well as your current projects and most recent edits. All designed to make it easier for you to stay focused on your goals.

Word Counting

State-of-the-art word counting means deletions don't count against your word count targets. And if daily and project counting isn't enough, then just like the trip odometer on a car, you can press a reset button and start counting words from any time.

Visible Progress

High visibility of your progress towards your daily word count while you work, and a convenient popup showing word counts for the day, the current document and the current project.

Intelligent Interface

Dark and Light Themes

Some people like a light theme. Some like a dark theme. Some like a blue-tinted theme. Some want to make their own theme! You can choose from several pre-made themes in ApolloPad and even use your own custom CSS to create your own theme!


You can choose your own font, hide the menu and corkboard for a distraction-free interface, change the corkboard background, and more customisations are coming soon!

Offline Mode

No internet connection? No problem, you can continue writing and ApolloPad will save your work when a connection becomes available again.

Manage Characters, Locations and Objects

Naming and Profiles

Define your characters and include them in your projects. You can include the same character in lots of projects, and they can be a major character in one and minor in the next, whatever you need them to be.

Item References

When you use a name in your story, highlight it and link it back to the character it represents. You can then quickly see everywhere a character or location is referenced. You can do the same thing for locations and objects - any asset you like can be managed independantly and renamed at will.


Not sure of a character name? Think you might change your mind later? No problem, if you change the name of a character or asset, ApolloPad will change it in every document for you, automatically.

Your Data, Your Way

Full History

You can also see every version of your work, and compare the differences between versions easily. Deleted a line you decided you liked, but can't quite remember? No problem, you can find it in your file history.

File Exports

You can export your work, ready to share with friends, family, agents (or even us - we love to read!) in a variety of formats, including PDF, HTML and ePub.

File Imports

Started a project somewhere else? No problem, you can import previous work into ApolloPad with ease. We support imports of common formats like Doc, Markdown, ODT and PDF.

Secure and Private

Terms and Security

We take the security of both your personal information and your work seriously, and follow industry best practices with writing and deploying code and hosting. Read our terms and security policy for more information.

Privacy Policy

We don't share your information with third parties, ever. Read our privacy policy for more information.


If our security and backup measures aren't quite enough, we can automatically backup your work every day to your personal Dropbox, and in your choice of format (Markdown and HTML are recommended).

But Wait, There's More!


ApolloPad saves your work as you type. You can still press CTRL-S if you like, and that works too, but no more danger of losing work you've spent hours on due to a power cut!

Works Everywhere

ApolloPad is entirely online. It works on your desktop, your laptop, your tablet and your phone. Anything with a browser in fact.

Offline Mode

Want to work on the train? Or having connection trouble? No problem. ApolloPad detects when your connection is spotty, and will save your work in your browser. As soon as the connection is back, it will save to our servers again. And it will tell you when it does all of this.

Multiple Projects

You can have lots of projects on the go in ApolloPad. As many as you need to. You can share characters, locations and assets between them, if you like, but otherwise they are completely independent.


We're really proud of our search engine. Rather than just show you which documents match your search terms, we show you the context of each match - you can see which paragraph matches your search.

Readability Scoring

Readability is a tricky thing to get right, but ApolloPad has just the thing - readability scoring, built in to the app. Click the "Readability" button to get a full run-down of how easy your work is to read.


Prefer a light-coloured editor to dark? Want a nice carbon-fibre sidebar instead of the cork? Want a super-simplified interface with everything hidden until you need it? No problem, we put you in control of your editing environment.

NaNoWriMo Integration

Doing NaNoWriMo this year? Awesome! Add your username and API key to ApolloPad, tell us which project is your NaNoWriMo project for the year, and we'll keep your word count update for you!